July 7th, 2021


June spending report

compared to our may spending report...

Restaurants: $330, about the same as May. I'm happy to say that our two biggest restaurant bills were a ton of food for my birthday party, and a ton of pizza when my sister and parents visited.

Groceries: $1175, darn close to the budget!

Alcohol: $129, down from $200

Home improvement: $805. The last bit for the backyard, but mostly a plumber for the sewer line (sigh) and the quarterly exterminator guy comes out. Hey, it's down from $1640 last month!

Car repairs: $1569 to fix marc's breaks and bearings. we have spent $4500 this year on a car that I think is barely worth $5K. The problem is 1) it's all been a little here, a little there. Not one big thing that cost $5K so we could look at it and say "the car is totaled!" the other problem is that used car prices are so high, we wouldn't dare buy another car this year. So I REALLY hope that the money we've shoved in will please the car karma spirits (carma?) and they'll leave us alone for a bit?

I deposit an amount that closely resembles a car payment into an emergency savings account each paycheck. I feel zero guilt about dipping into that fund this month for our stupid car.

Other stuff: $100 for AAA hit. I need to call my car insurance to see what roadside assistance would cost through them. nothing like a "surprise!" annual subscription when you're watching spending really close.

$60 for AT&T to activate Josie's new phone. The phone itself will only cost $10 a month which is great, and the activation fee should have only been $30. But there was a chance there for AT&T to double charge us and if there's one thing they jump on, it's screwing up a bill. I'll call them.

Gas: $300

Shopping: $530, up from $418 in May. I REALLY want new running shoes, mine are shot! $200 was hair dye. Don't get me started, Marc's DJ fund is paying for it - him and the girls are way too latched into the vibrant hair trend and I bitched at them about it but at the end of the day, I am being outvoted.

Vacation: $200 on tickets to six flags, tickets to a cave tour... that is the tip of the iceberg pre-sales on vacation. the rest will all hit july and the restaurant tab alone will be zillions. but that was our biggest trip of the year, and we used points to get a free hotel, and no flying anywhere. I should try to relax.