July 2nd, 2021


post road trip

we're back home! missed you all, lj. i've been in missouri since last saturday, road tripping with the family.

quick blitz of what we did...

saturday - drove six hours to southeast missouri
sunday - float trip!
monday- Onondaga Cave tour
tuesday - st. louis zoo
wednesday - six flags, for riding roller coasters
thursday - city museum
friday - drove home from st. louis

three nights in our rented cabin, three nights at a hyatt in st. louis. swimming every day! the kids took FULL ADVANTAGE of that hotel pool. it also rained almost every day, but we lucked out, no constant storms that totally ruined all our plans. I will admit that we picked our thursday activity because I needed SOMETHING that would not be weather-dependent at all, after we got kicked out of six flags about two hours earlier than we would have liked for lightning.

I was almost thinking wednesday that six nights on the road is too much. but getting to do city museum changed my mind, again. we've been there before but it's such an amazing treasure, we have to just keep going.

we didn't even get stormed on during the float trip, despite an 80% chance of storms or something. we heard thunder in the distance. it was just fine, it was great. there was some drizzle once. we floated in our raft and even swam the next day after the cave tour. the kids hadn't seen a missouri cave, it was beautiful.

no bats though. the bats have gone. succumbed to a disease that's taken them away. there were salamanders, and caution... missouri won't let you tour multiple caves in a given day now. you have to change clothes and shoes between caves if you go do that sort of thing, and they close them down so the remaining bats have a place to hide from the disease. I had no idea.

the st. louis zoo brought back memories. they didn't have all those penguins when i was a kid though. josie got a huge kick out of the penguins. olive liked the giant snakes, and strange tropical hornbill birds.

and the hotel pool. jump in, swim to the other side, jump out, walk around, repeat for hours. we hit up playgrounds, and the mall, simple stuff, just disconnected and hung out with each other.