June 13th, 2021


Little container garden

I have four big containers now. I bought the 4th one this spring because we had a lot of dirt from our backyard project, but I just put flowers in it. It’s the one on the left, with the marigolds that are not blooming yet.

The next container I wasn’t sure what to do with. I had a basil plant that wasn’t really thriving and then on a whim I bought a cucumber plant at the hardware store. The cucumber plant has turned into a monster! This is this could be great because I love cucumbers, but it’s also taking over. I think I put some parsley seeds in there too, that’s why there is a parsley tree growing. I like planting multiple things in containers to see what wins, and I guess it’s a cucumber. If this works out I really just need to plant a cucumber in some dirt maybe by the fence next summer, now that I know more.

In the third part I put some little green bean seeds and they have done great. This is a sunny spot at my house, it rained for two weeks, I guess they loved it. I am going to have a nice crop of green beans very soon.

And then finally the furthest on the right is mint. I put some dirt from the backyard on top of it to add to the level. But I think that was a bad idea because then nothing really bloomed. So I bought a mint plant and put it in the middle so I can regrow my mint harvest from last year. Had mint all summer, and I was sad that I might’ve done something bad to it. I think so maybe some little seedlings are coming up from the past, but it’s hard.