June 5th, 2021



today's birthday question, for some reason, is taz_39 asking me to talk about my favorite bread.

Well they're in luck because I REALLY LOVE BREAD. ALL BREAD. Is it good for you? Apparently not... there's that whole anti-gluten movement, then there's the anti-carb movement, then there's the anti-processed food movement. We once had a great party at our house, I woke up the next day to guys who'd been up smoking weed on my porch all night, and I asked them if they'd like some toast. One of them took a long drag and said, "Oh no that's okay. That gluten stuff. That'll kill you."

I could write a whole other entry about being an early riser who meets party people on the flipsides.

Here are the breads I like:

- Complicated wheat bread. Huge grains of stuff. Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, poppy, whatever. Practically a salad on bread. When Marc and I make salads, we call everything besides lettuce the "not salad". A great salad is like half not salad. That's how I like bread. What else can you throw in there? Nuts? Car parts? Make it weird! For this bread I've got two go-tos, there's a 9-grain at the grocery store, or the best is the Dakota bread at Great Harvest, the local bakery around the corner from us. I will eat it every day for breakfast, then pause during the week to make a sandwich out of it.

dakota toast
The Dakota. Pumpkin seeds, even!

- Hawaiian rolls. My high school track coach ("I've never met a carb I didn't like") introduced us to these, and now my family buys them about once a week to make sliders and the girls eat the rest as snacks.

- Cornbread, especially with soup.

- Sourdough bread, especially used on a grilled cheese

- Tomato bread. While I do not like dried fruit in things (any things), I like tomato flavored bread. Again, great for a grilled cheese.

- Croutons on salad

- Are crackers like bread? In that case, wheat crackers!

Anyway most mornings I either eat a little granola cereal, or a slice of toast with butter. Real butter, that we leave out all the time, because then it's soft and ready to go. I love some good blueberries with it but mostly I just really need bread.