June 2nd, 2021


discovery+ and tiny house hunters

Paramount ran out of new star treks, so we rotated it out of our streaming service menu and tried discovery+ this month.

The discovery+ app on apple TV is my least favorite. It is really hard to use. Every time you to to "search" it doesn't try to remember what you last search, it just shows trending searches which means your first suggest is "My 600 lb Life", a show about people struggling with obesity that I am not at all interested in.

Our favorite show was "Comedians On Couches" where comedians watch House Hunters and make fun of it. But there aren't many episodes of that, so we tried to watch regular House Hunters. But Discovery+ has it set up as a "streaming channel" so you can't just pick an episode to watch, you have to jump into the middle of whatever's on, like we're in the 90s and just watching TV. I hate this.

So then we started watching "Tiny House Hunters" which is equally entertaining and infuriating. I've never understood tiny houses. If you want a tiny house, why not just go buy a house that is tiny? Or rent a small apartment? Why build this brand new, designer, special tiny house? It seems to defeat the purpose of being frugal and minimalistic. There are houses in my neighborhood that are only 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, they are Pretty Darn Small. And you'd be doing a great thing for the world if you get into them and fix them up a bit. They cost LESS than a lot of these "tiny houses". Or, you could buy a pre-fab home, aka trailer. Those have been around for years! "Tiny Houses" just seem like rich people appropriating what poor people have always HAD to do.

What's worse, the people looking at the houses bring up all these problems that are easily fixable if you just buy an actual house. Like, "I really want a space for my treadmill!" or "where will I store my shoes!" If it were me I would shrug and say well I guess I should buy a house. But no, not on tiny house hunters! They are just going to do laundry at laundromats and shower outside with their hoses for a WHILE. But I've seen some episodes where they follow up later and the people are like "yeah we decided to build yet another tiny house on our land for winter, so we have heat."

At least these people have decent goals, and that's what keeps me watching the show. Real house hunters has too many rich people episodes that just frustrate me, like they're explaining why they have to move because their current house is too far from the swimming pool or whatever, and I'm done.

I like the redecorating/remodeling shows, especially Good Bones. I do not like their passion for front yard fences. But it's motivating to watch somebody get to work on a house in the morning.