June 1st, 2021



This year I asked for questions as birthday presents and here is one from sewcute:

What's your favorite place you've traveled?

I can't decide if I like travel. Or if I like trips. Or my favorite place. They all have upsides and downsides. Part of me feels like getting away is just that, getting away, and it's the same from place to place.

My happiest moments have been on Missouri rivers, laying in a canoe, drifting underneath trees on a partly cloudy day.

I have also been to Barcelona and Prague, Toronto, Buffalo, NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Atlanta, a few places in Florida, lots of Texas and Oklahoma.

After all these trips my takeaway is actually that I don't need any repeats. I'm good, on all places. On to the next one. I loved Prague, it was beautiful, maybe I would take Marc there? But it would actually be MORE fun to take Marc to someplace neither of us have been. I have a lifelong dream to go to Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh museums, we'd love to see India especially Goa, I'd love to see Australia.

Here's how I size up a city:

- I love navigating public transit and learning how it works. I got great at it in Barcelona, even if the terminals were all in Spanish. NYC has an amazing system. Washington DC does NOT.

- I don't get much good seafood in Kansas so I like going to places with good fish.

- I love art museums. Prague had that amazing castle. I will just gaze at everything. I love quirky museums too.

- I like the ocean for a few hours a day, then I run out of sunscreen and get tired of crowds.

- I don't like it to feel too manufactured. Las Vegas is fun if you've got some show or convention to see, it makes for a great gathering place, but it's too much like a giant mall, I don't feel a culture.

- I need people to be somewhat kind and I need to know there might be clean restrooms someplace, which rules out a lot of big tourist cities, I'm looking at you NYC. If they're really sick of tourists I don't need to add one more.

So I will say I haven't found my favorite place yet. But I'm open to ideas.