May 30th, 2021



Last week I asked for questions as birthday presents and got some great ones so thank you! fbhjr asked: Are you going to start your own YouTube channel for aviation videos?

Oh heavens no. That would be weird. First, I'm probably not allowed to, because it'd be too hard to draw the line around "oh spacefem just happens to know this" and "oh spacefem knows this because we paid her for it and now she's on youtube about it?" When you join a company you usually sign something that the ideas you come up with using company resources belong to Them, not You. I don't know what I signed 19 years ago but that had to be in there.

But even with permission, I wouldn't do it. I have now learned the venues my company uses to spread the word on topics, and I love participating/contributing to those platforms. Some of it is really public, some of it is less public like conferences and articles, but it's all goodness. If I made videos on my own, I'd have to get my own airplane to take apart, hire my own videographer, find volunteers to check my scripts for technical accuracy. That's no way to do it.

The older I get the more I see the value in supporting somebody else's idea. "Yes, and!" like an improv comedy troupe. I have no urge to start my own makerspace or engineering society. I even asked my women's finance group if I could blog for their webpage, since a few members asked if I'd make some of my bigger posts shareable or published out someplace. They said no thanks, and I don't even care.

There are only so many hours in the day. I am paid to do airplane stuff 40 hours a week, if communicating ideas and presenting explanations is part of that, then I have no need to do it on my own time.

I'm very much a "within the system" person. I mean seriously guys, I'm still a republican. I clearly do not go rogue on stuff very often. Starting from scratch is just too much dang work.