May 20th, 2021


Happy birthday, spacefem!

It's my birthday! I am 41, officially in my early 40s. Super old. But hanging in there, in pretty good shape and damn sexy.

Hoping to have some friends over this weekend. Oh, and I'll ask marc to make me a birthday quiche.

I think I'll try something two years in a row... birthday questions?

I did this last year and it caught on and was really fun. You are all my beloved lj friends and I appreciate you. I know you want to wish me a happy birthday and shower me with special gifts. Well what's a more special gift that giving me an idea for a future lj entry? So, like last year, I'm turning this post into an "ask me anything" of sorts. Wish me a happy birthday if you'd like, sure, but then ask me a question.

Don't worry about repeats, I won't judge you. Don't worry about not being caught up on my lj, asking about something I've written about before, asking about something I just wrote about, asking a basic intro-y. Nobody can stay caught up. If the questions are basic, it's a sign that I should get back to basics. I always say my target audience for my lj is my future self and maybe family members who care, and you are representative of that population.

Basic things I like talking about: fitness, finance, my dog, the ferret, my daughters ages 8 11 and 23, the husband, the house, the career, airplanes, leadership, lady problems, books, the internet, childhood memories, the midwestern US.

I will try to answer all questions. There's no deadline for me either though. I have some from last year I'm still thinking about - really.