May 8th, 2021


No more plants from seeds!

I swear I do this every year. There's one random sunny day in late February that makes me think IT'S GARDEN TIME! It is not.

I bought seeds. I want a cherry tomato plant, so I bought seeds, I put dirt in paper cups and egg cartons and placed them all around, some indoors some outdoors, and just WAITED! I got two seedlings to sprout. That was stupid. I gave one to my neice, figuring I'd get more... I did not.

When the first one was 2" tall (which took for fsck ever) I planted it outside in my one spot sunny enough for tomatoes. It died immediately.

So yes... for six weeks I've been watering seeds. Herbs, flowers, stupid tomatoes, and nothing good happened. Then I was driving by the hardware store and it looked like a freaking jungle out front. So I just went in. I spent $30 on PLANTS and I feel happy. I bought geraniums for the window boxes, basil, mint, a cucumber plant (never tried it but what the hell), and a cherry tomato plant. The cherry tomato plant was the same price as the seeds. If I only want one plant, why mess with seeds?

Immediate gratification.

I have got to stop jumping the gun on gardening season.

Mid-April, okay?

In weirder news... last year I bought strawberries for the window boxes. They did terribly. No strawberries, they just wilted and looked thirsty all the time no matter how much water they got. I thought they'd love the sun. I'd bought a 6-pack of strawberry plants, the window box only had room for four. So I planted the other two on the side of the house where I was trying to grow more food, like green beans and peas. The green beans and peas did terribly. It's not a plant for a garden. Fine.

But the strawberries, which I decided to neglect, actually came back after the harsh winter and now I have actual baby strawberries.

Who'd have thought that would happen? Maybe something will survive.