May 6th, 2021


late people

I know I wrote last week that the Cosmosphere in hutchinson kansas is one of the coolest places on earth, and I stand by that. But I have a memory that creeps in every time I think about it that I can't shake.

when I was in my early 20s, we had a married couple in our group of friends. they are no longer married. the guy was a chronically late guy. I hate chronically late people. I dated one in college for a short time, and got so sick of the total and utter disrespect he had for... well everybody. I would SEE the reasons for why he was late, and they made me livid. Like, I'd clock out of whatever crappy hourly job I was working to go to lunch with him, and we'd get in his car, and he'd be like hold on there's some door panel not sitting right and vibrating and he'd screw around with it for EVER while I said things like "Dude, I'm hungry" or "Hey, I'm clocked out, this is all time I do not get paid for today" and he'd say "hold on!" and waste SO MUCH TIME on whatever distracted him.

late guys always remind me of him. Late people, and the hopeless significant others who wait for them always hoping they'll change and agree to do something EARLY for once, but they won't, because they are LATE PEOPLE.

Oh anyway back to the married couple... the wife called all us friends together and said "it's Late Guy's birthday and I want to surprise him! Let's all drive to the Cosmosphere after work one day, they have a laser light show movie or something awesome that he will LOVE! It's like a 45 minute drive, right? The movie starts at 6:30 so let's just meet after work. They say they don't allow anybody in late, so we'll have to leave by 5:45 okay? We won't tell him where we're going, he's going to love this!"

I am an anti-late person so I REALLY WANTED to point out that hutchinson is not like 45 minutes away, it's like an hour. and your husband is always late AF so if we want to make it to this thing, we should target departure at like 3 in damn the afternoon.

But I was also a grown up who'd learned that I can be weird and nobody appreciates that, and it's not that huge a deal to me if we miss it or not, so of course we'll get there at the appointed time. I did not voice my concerns at all. I was just supportive.

you guys will never guess what happened.

her husband didn't show up from work until 6. we drove an hour to hutchinson, showed up way late, and they would not open the doors for us while the show was going.

her face was the sad thing that I can't forget, she explained to the staff that we'd driven all the way from wichita and it's his birthday and can't they please make an exception and let us in but they had a hundred signs saying nobody gets in late. she was telling her husband she was so sorry for ruining his birthday she thought this would be such a fun surprise and he was trying to calm her down saying it's okay and I was just looking at the sr 71 blackbird in the lobby of the cosmosphere thinking oh well, I got to relax in the back seat of a car and watch this train wreck happen.

they have a freaking space shuttle right there too! the endeavor! missing a few heat panels but you can get SO CLOSE to it, it's amazing, always.

he didn't really seem to care that much that we'd driven an hour to not get into a show. I guess he's chronically late, he'd influenced her to underestimate times or something? my gosh I cannot live like that. I felt terrible for her, but I also know that none of them would have listened to weird geeky spacefem, they hadn't listened before and wouldn't start now. we just all have to be on our own time.