May 3rd, 2021


Olive’s Birthday

Carl cupcakes
Carl cupcakes

Olive is eight years old and wanted her birthday theme to be Five Nights at Freddy's. It's a videogame. Makes for a pretty good birthday theme really, there's even a character who's a cupcake. The game is kind of about a haunted chuck-e-cheeses where you're stuck overnight with possessed animatronic characters trying to murder you. Olive just adores it.

Anyway, to get candy eyes I had to go to the Official Cake Store on the other side of town, where you can get anything related to cake decorating. Our food coloring is always low from too many kids science experiments so I needed to get food coloring there too, but they didn't have any plain old four-packs of liquid like the grocery store has, their food coloring was these little canisters of gel, all individual colors displayed out like paints. I got a pink one and hoped for the best. well it made REALLY pink frosting! I've made so many gray-ish cakes in my life, I guess fancy food coloring is a serious step up!

She had just a few friends over and her BFF spent the night. Maybe 4-5 kids total? We kept it small. Then my sister's family visited and stayed over too, then we went to mom's for a nice brunch.

It was great to have a birthday party again! Last year it was off, we did a quick zoom call. Olive was starting to plan her 7th birthday right as the pandemic started shutting everything down, and she was making signs for our basement and talking all about her party and started asking me cautiously if she could even have a birthday. I said we'll see, knowing that it wasn't going to happen. I just let the weeks go on, and she slowly put 2 + 2 together and accepted the world as it was. nobody ripped the rug out from under her. it just didn't happen.

we have a good friend who's wedding anniversary is right on top of olive's birthday, and she always comes over with her kid who's a couple years younger than olive. It's always a funny coincidence memory. That year we were all ready to go to her wedding. I was REALLY pregnant... due in days, I think due the 8th or 9th? Funny how that's such an important date then it goes away when there's a real birthday. My strategy both times in late pregnancy was to stay busy and distracted. Have plans for every day, things to look forward to, so you're not going crazy wondering when the baby will be born. And that's what I did in early May 2013, when I was really pregnant with Olive.

BUT I didn't make that wedding... I went to work, went out with some friends for hamburgers, came home, started feeling sick. I think it was a Thursday night. Went to the hospital. Had Olive a little after midnight. Fast labor has an intensity and medical weirdness that I will not recommend, but there she was.

Anyway, Marc and Josie went to the wedding! I told them to go. Not much else going on, somebody should have a good time. I had just talked to my friend earlier in the week about how excited I was, but she walked down the aisle she turned and saw just the two of them. She immediately knew, she went up to marc at the reception and said "Spacefem had the baby didn't she?" Yup. I was still in the hospital for one more day. Maybe we went home Sunday, I don't remember that either. But we were all fine, and she jokingly tells Olive, you know your mom missed a great wedding, you just had to be born before the weekend didn't you?