April 22nd, 2021


my post-vax life & workouts

VACCINATED IS AWESOME! I wish everybody would get it so we don't get some weird new variant, but whatever. in the meantime I am living the life again, out in the world!

I went out to lunch at a restaurant with coworkers!

I went to the MOVIES... friends rented out a theater and we saw "Back to the Future". Michael J Fox going a whole 30 years, from 1985 to 1955 to see a totally different world. Then meeting Doc at the end from 2015 where a car runs on Mr. Fusion.

we sent out invitations for olive's birthday party!

We have occasional real-life meetings at work! my colleagues all jumped on this vaccine train, even the ones who already got COVID.

And I went to the gym! I got to use the "climb up the stairs machine" to up my hamstring work game, and went around to a bunch of weight machines, it felt great! then I felt TERRIBLE but maybe should have expected that... marc laughed at me, because he makes the same mistake. take a long break from the gym (a year, in my case), then go back thinking you can just start off right where you left off. "THE BOY IS BACK, GYM!" on every machine I was like "oh that low setting is TOO EASY I'm adding on!" and then the next day... sore as hell. but that's okay I was expecting it. then the day after THAT... sore as hell. well that's annoying. then day three... OKAY I GET IT BODY I'M OLD AF NOW.

So I will take it easy at the gym. but it was good to do some leg presses, hamstring curls, chest press, lat pulldowns, curls with weights. The only strength training I did this year was some light stuff with bands or body weight youtube exercises. Not the same. obviously.

I still felt like ass on Sunday and couldn't tell if I slept on my shoulder wrong or really messed it up doing military presses, but decided to run anyway. I was going to do a short run, but we made so many trips to home depot I figured might as well take advantage of it and have marc drop me off. that made for a good hour of running.

I think my perfect workout cadence would be an elegant mix of things, across a given week:
1) short running (4-5k)
2) long running (7-10k)
3) weights
4) daily 20 minute youtube yoga
5) ginger's hardcore yoga class
6) a sunday restorative zoom yoga that lookfar got me into... I think of it as church. sunday morning reflection with very calm movements.
7) HIIT, aerobics, salsa, some other class

Not sure what to repeat where, but I really do like having SOME workout every day, running at least 2 out of 3.

I stopped trying to up my plank game. is that slacking? I talked about a five minute plank this year, but honestly now that I'm up to one minute, I'm good. it's boring to go longer than that. I hold one minute planks almost every day for some time, but experts are mixed on the benefits of much more so I drifted off. there's just too much to do.