April 5th, 2021


my rich life

I'm finally reading Ramit Sethi which should make me pretty annoying for the next few finance-related LJ entries, you know how I am, but in the first chapters he challenges people to envision their "rich life". Spend lavishly on the things you love, spend almost nothing on the things you don't. I also really liked the concept that The Frugalwoods had... "if we won the lottery, our lifestyle wouldn't change." I can admit, and I hope a lot of you can too, that I would not derive happiness from a lot of stereotypically rich weirdo things.

A 12 bedroom house would use a lot of energy to heat/cool and sounds environmentally irresponsible. I don't like jewelry. My small closet of practical clothes bought off ebay brings me joy in its simplicity, I don't want anything cluttered up with tons of clothes or shoes.

Times I already feel like I have a rich life:

- Breakfast. My gosh, the other day I was having sourdough toast with veggie cream cheese, granola with a little milk and a heap of blueberries and blackberries. Coffee with cinnamon and nutmeg. That's a lot of peices! Marc gets me berries all the time if I just remember to put them on the whiteboard and they feel luxurious to me.

- I have a two story house with a nice view out all windows. Actually, just the fact that we have lots of windows. I might complain sometimes that it's 90 years old and breaks all the damn time but you don't get this many windows in new houses. It's springtime cross-breeze season!

Things I would buy if I had tons of extra money:

- More theater tickets. Dinner theater, the touring broadway acts, I wish I could see all of them. This is inspiring me to look for what that actually costs.

- Take Marc to Europe. Still have to figure out what to do with the kids. Stay tuned. I opened a rewards credit card that's supposed to give me some travel points ideas. I am totally confused by this world but I figured the only way to get in is to start getting in.

- More charity. I like donating but if I won the lottery I'd get somebody to name a wing of a building after me, or something. I'll keep that on the future list for now.

Just typing this out, I realize that it's not necessarily money that keeps me from doing some of the things I dream about, it's energy and logistics. That right there means I already live a rich life.

Hell, my job gives me a rich life... I get four weeks of paid vacation a year! You know what I do most years? LESS than four weeks of vacation. This paid off last year, when we were furloughed for eight weeks due to COVID I was allowed to just burn vacation hours and get paid for most of the days. But the other years it just sits, I can't figure out what to do with it and I get so pulled into the exciting work stuff, another year goes by and I only took a week off.

Another reason to be thankful for blueberries. It's the only part I've got figured out.