February 17th, 2021


Have we survived yet?

I can’t decide if it’s too early to claim victory yet from the great arctic freeze of 2021, it’s not above freezing yet. But it is warming up! No more negative 10. Today is positive 10, with temperatures climbing to the high teens, and this weekend promises to be ABOVE FREEZING!

I complain a lot about my old house but this week it was rock solid. We had power, water, heat. A lot of our stuff runs on gas but we've run into issues before due to electronic controllers needed to, say, turn on the stove and actually run the thermostat. So I honestly don't remember how it all interacts. I just know that it did, and I felt very lucky. Texas still doesn't have power!

Our heat was running 17-20 hours per day the past few days. Our ferret started seeking out warm places to nap so yesterday I just gave him some towels by the office vent. He's been basking there like a turtle under a sun lamp.

It's been nice and sunny, which is tough because it makes me wish I was running outside, but now I know better. None of that. Yesterday I did do a 30 minute youtube workout and it felt really good, I need to remember to keep up SOMETHING. Plus it gave me an excuse to shower.

Watson the Weasel
Watson the Weasel