February 15th, 2021


really cold running

Saturday I went for a 4 mile (7km) run. It was 7 degrees F. I wasn't going to leave the house but it looked calm and sunny outside, and I figured this is probably a balmy summer day for newlifeinstpaul, so why not? And by the time I was done it had shot all the way up to 9!

It was stupid though! My sinuses didn't feel right for like two hours, I think I froze my eyeballs. I wore:

1) wool socks
2) fleece lined leggings
3) sweatpants
4) 32 deg thermal layer shirt
5) fleece jacket
6) fleece vest
7) flannel-lined fleece hand covers I sewed myself so I could keep my hands balled up in a fist, they were just closed pockets like the hand jails we put on newborn babies
8) marc's gaiter over my face
9) stocking cap
10) sunglasses

well my hands were TOO warm and sweaty, and the gaiter covering my face was annoying as hell so I pulled it down. But then my nose froze. So I put it up. But then my sunglasses not only fogged over, but the fog froze and wouldn't go away. I took them off and carried them the last mile. The gaiter covering my face kept my nose warm, but the moisture turned it to ice. I could bite down and crunch it! Ice built up on my eyelashes. My midsection was sweaty, my hands were sweaty, my toes still got cold.

Well I won't do that again. As I've written before, this is bullshit weather for Wichita. Our average February days give us highs in the 40s, well above freezing.

Or will I do it again? I will admit, every time I run in some new weather I feel accomplished and alive. And being out in the sun and fresh air is so good, I know it makes me happier in the long run, like an injection of nature. I just remember so many times during that workout thinking "I have got to get a fucking treadmill"