February 9th, 2021


how old people talk

First I'd like to congratulate the Kansas City Chiefs on another great NFL season even if they didn't win the superbowl, all of us are proud of you.

We watched the big game on Sunday over hamburgers and baked beans and chips with onion dip. The bomber flyover during the national anthem was great and so was the weeknd halftime show. But no funny commercials after the year we've had, it was all sweeping music "we're in it together" tributes! I don't know what was more sad, the commercials or the football game!

To distract me from the losing game I browsed wikipedia and drifted to the article about the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Me: Damn, this says Mahomes was born in 1995.

Marc: Jesus.


Josie: What happened in 1995?

Marc and I exchange an old person glance.

Me: It was just... a year we remember, you know. We were there.

Marc: Yeah Josie, I was 17.

Josie: Is that it?

Me: Okay you're TEN but I promise some day you'll meet some kid at work who says they were born in 2020 and you'll know what we mean okay?

She shrugged. Years mean nothing to the kids, there aren't enough of them. There is no reason to divide up their lives into time periods. She had no idea what we were talking about.