February 2nd, 2021


happy groundhog day!

Just wanted to wish everyone on lj a happy groundhog day. maybe you're enjoying a classic bill murray film. maybe you're just hoping for less than six weeks of winter.

I've never thought about this before, but in six weeks it will be March 16th. On a typical day in Kansas in March, we will be very lucky to hit 60 degrees, and very likely to have overnight lows below freezing. I feel like "spring" is a tough order.

last year in mid-march I was so, so sad about everything shutting down due to covid.

spring came anyway. after mourning the changes, I learned to walk. walk around, and see what plants were coming up, see what neighbors were out on porches, the stars in the early mornings, the string lights in the evenings, cats rabbits squirrels raccoons butterflies, and one deer. I guess I appreciated spring more than I had in a long time. this year I can really take it in.

Last week I wrote about my hamstrings so I will mention that I didn't stop running, I just slowed it way down. I am walking a km, jogging a km, then doing hamstring strengthening exercises, then stretching my legs only by laying on my back and using a scarf for leverage. I'm trying to get in to see my doctor but it's taking a bit. I guess if I can't get in, I'll just walk. that's not bad. a few more weeks to observe winter. then spring.