January 16th, 2021


article cleanup

To help spread the word about Eris Day, I edited the Wikipedia page for things that happened on January 5th to add the discovery of my favorite dwarf planet. I haven't made a Wikipedia edit in years so I'm glad my account still worked!

While I was there I noticed this note on the page:

1974 – The warmest reliably measured temperature within the Antarctic Circle, of +59 °F (+15 °C), is recorded at Vanda Station.[26]

That's interesting, I thought. We haven't had a high in Antarctica since 1974? That's great news. Interesting that it was notable enough to be added to the page. I clicked the citation but it was to a book-form world atlas published in 1998. Then I googled a little to verify, and found that it was not the record anymore. The record for the highest temperature in Antarctica has been passed several times.

The page about Climate of Antarctica says a high temperature in 2020 was 69.3 °F, over 10°F hotter.

So I edited the Vanda Station article to remove the mention of its record, and removed the bullet point accomplishment from the January 5th page.

That's all. Nothing to see here.