January 13th, 2021


Why I'm still on Livejournal

Seems like "state of livejournal" entries are so common around here. I've written them before, so maybe this is repetitive, but it never hurts to re-cap where I'm at. I think I will write this one in a frequently asked questions format.

Spacefem, why are you still on livejournal?
I've maintained this blog since 2001. Blogging helps me process my thoughts, set goals, get advice, and document what's happened in my life.

But everyone is leaving.
Not everyone. I betcha I'll get comments on this entry.

But it's owned by Russians
Oh sorry, I didn't know we only trusted good American companies like Facebook.

But there are 260 million twitter users!
I don't need 260 million people to have a network. I need, like, 12.

And anyway I'm pretty sure everybody on twitter is just there to follow pete davidson or j.lo or whoever.

Don't you wish there were floods of new people joining all the time?
If they want.

What about new cool social networks? Don't you ever go out looking for something better?
I kinda tried that once... Like there was this one a few years back called Ello, and everybody was like OOH LET'S JOIN ELLO! But after like three months everybody was like UGH ELLO IS SO DEAD NOW. They sure wanted to bail early. I realized that anywhere you go, even on a three month old site, somebody will be saying that place is on the downhill. Those people are everywhere. I also realized I'm not one of those people. I don't care if my social network is trending up or down. It just has to work. So I might as well stick to what I know.

I am this way with most things in life. I like avocado toast, bootcut jeans, zip up hoodies, vintage office supplies, actual books, my iphone, bota box wine. Some of these things are popular, some are not. I do not care.

What do you do when your friends go inactive and stop updating their journals?
I go find new friends. That's another thing I noticed about cool new social networks: if I join a new site, I put a bunch of effort into browsing and building my community. I could do that on livejournal too every year to refresh my friends list. Same effect, less effort.

Is there anything you DON'T like about livejournal?
Honestly if there's one thing I'd change, it'd be about other social networks! Drop the integration. Do not auto-import tweets, or post to facebook or twitter - I basically hate all robots who flood social networks, everywhere. If you're on a network you need to be on it, don't try to duplicate yourself across the internet. I don't even like dreamwidth cross-posts.

What are your favorite things about livejournal?
I like using bookblogger to make myself a book of my livejournal posts every year. I like checking out the main page. Now that I've got emails working again I like their "most interesting to you" emails that tell me about new users across the network who I might like reading. And finally, I like that I can leave the default editor in HTML and just write in code.

Spacefem you're brilliant. Will you be my friend?
Sure. Nice to have you. Please wipe your feet, leave a comment, and pour yourself a beverage, you can hang out for quite a while.