January 9th, 2021


bad app reviews

I've left a few bad reviews on free iphone apps for being misleadingly unfree.

Trust me, I am aware that I do not deserve everything for free, and I know software developers have to eat too. I just think it's REALLY hard to make a decision about which apps to choose when they pretend to have a free version that is nothing but a storefront to sell you a more expensive app - in some case a LOT more expensive, or with a recurring subscription cost.

I feel like if you're going to offer an app for free it should be useful. It's very frustrating to download, say, an app to teach your kid the alphabet and it immediately cuts off at the letter M and asks you to pay $14.99 for the pro version. There might be a great app that I didn't download that was $4.99, because I thought yours was free.

I will frequently throw some funds towards a free app that I've spent a lot of time on. But I get really mad when I've spent no time at all and free app is just there to show me where some buttons might show up in the pro version.

Anyway, in response to my bad reviews the owners responded with "developers gotta eat" kind of responses. Well then just charge for it.