January 6th, 2021


josie's first weekend of 2021

I can't understand Josie's preteen sleep or mood schedule. She is up and down at totally unpredictable times and I don't know enough to say if it's a chemical unbalance or just being almost 11.

New Years Eve I went to bed after the ball dropped in the eastern timezone, like always. She apparently stayed up until 4am playing music with her dad.

New Years Day she slept until 4pm, with us occasionally prodding her and asking if she wanted to do anything today since it was, you know, past noon. When she finally emerged she was a bundle of awfulness all evening, crying, whining, picking fights with her sister. I guess she went to bed at night.

January 2nd she woke up at 7am and announced she was making us all pancakes! Which she did. At 9 she asked if I'd take her to the craft store for another color of perler beads. I had said I'd go next week by myself, but since neither of us had left the house in weeks I figure it can't hurt. We masked up and went to joanns. We spent $16. I got two spools of thread I needed, we got her beads and new square boards to make bigger designs. We walked around the store for an hour, I just followed her and let her look at every little thing, she loved it.

It was lunchtime so we got taco bell drive through and ate in the car, she sat up front with me and we joked around and laughed. Then I took her to a playground where she ran around and fell in the snow. It was a beautiful sunny day, my only regret was not having sunglasses because it was almost blinding. But she was so joyful, I was happy to stay there until my feet froze.

Then she came home and fell asleep again.

Here is a perler bead thing she made off an internet design that's cool. she can really focus. she's having fun.