January 5th, 2021


Happy Eris Day!

Today is the 16th anniversary of the discovery of our most massive Dwarf Planet, Eris. I like to mark this day on my calendar as a reminder of how great a time we live in, where we are still discovering things that change our whole mental picture of the solar system.

Ways to celebrate Eris day:
  • Go find things around your house that demonstrate the scale of planets. I even have a fun planetary scale calculator
  • Learn about Eris (Wikipedia)
  • Tell people about Eris. It's 98% the diameter of Pluto, 30% MORE massive, but gets noticeably less love.
  • Learn to pronounce my second favorite dwarf planet, Quaoar (Kwa-war... practice makes perfect!)
  • Look up at stars. Eris is in the constellation Cetus right now. It's too far away to be a thing that you see, but this is a good time to appreciate the real planets we can see like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, or if you're awake before dawn, Venus! Mercury is lost in the sun these days, but give it time.
  • I will be celebrating on facebook and twitter - #erisday

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