January 4th, 2021


life expectancy

Today my beloved husband turns 43. Happy birthday, Marc!

Marc is weird about his birthday lately and increasingly concerned with not being long for this world. He's spent most of his life not caring a whole lot about his health, I think he sees obesity as a given so everything else is a crapshoot. He has joint problems that prevent some workouts and just... isn't as motivated as me. Not that I can throw rocks. I spent the last ten years or so not working out, and just got back into it in 2020. But during that time I was neglecting my body, my metabolism stayed pretty much the same and there were weird things like nursing babies that made me skinny. Skinny isn't health, of course. But it's a thing I have and he has never had.

He is bothered by the fact that John Candy, who we love very very much, died at 43 of a heart attack. John Candy is about Marc's weight. But he also smoked a pack a day which Marc hasn't done in a long time, and does any celebrity "dabble occasionally" in cocaine?

Chadwick Boseman was the same age. Random cancer is terrifying. But rare, I hope?

I spent way too much time on this site looking at how people die in their 40s and telling Marc he won't be like them, these are all things he can avoid.

Elvis, 42 - isn't really dead
Natalie Wood, 43 - drowning + "mysterious circumstances"
Steve Irwin, 44 - stingray attack
Pablo Escobar, 44 - drug cartel gunfight
Henry David Thoreau, 44 - tuberculosis
Tim Treadwell, 46 - bear

We are bound to grow old together.

I am determined to see Halley's Comet next pass in 2061. shortly after my 81st birthday. My little Olive will be 48.

"Our parents are all still fine," I told him.

"I'm adopted and don't know my birth parents," he said.

"Lifestyle is what's important," I told him, "You were raised with theirs so let's call it good. And while we're at it, find a way to take a walk and eat some salad!"

And of course wear our masks to the store, on the rare times we go! Just by being one of the sensible people determined to make it to the vaccines, haven't we increased our lifespan? It's great!