October 14th, 2020


lip balm

Skip this post if you don't care about the absolute tiniest minutiae of life...

I was at walgreens picking out a nighttime face moisturizer last week and noticed a two pack of burt's bees lip balm, one of them was cucumber mint. I love cucumbers!

I got it home. the two pack was only a one pack. and of course the one missing was the damn cucumber mint.

I kept the bag and receipt for a few days with the intention to go back and complain and get a replacement or my $6 back.

But then I was at Target, and they had a burt's bee's cucumber mint by itself for $3. So I bought it, and decided not to deal with the walgreens return, because come on I lost $3. It's not worth it! I am fine, I don't need $3, and if I return it they'll throw the good one away so it'll be a waste. Just let it go.

Of course my brain being what it is doesn't let it go, every time I use it I think that 1) cucumbers are so good and 2) some thief in the world has a cucumber mint lip balm that I should have, but I don't... but that's okay. I am fine to contribute back to the walgreens in the bad part of town that you stole from, so you can keep stealing there, because I don't need the $3. and hey we all need something to bring us some joy and stop our lips from being chapped so I relate to you, thief, and hope you're in a good place. I suddenly I feel like a nice person.

Then I remember that I'm an asshole just for thinking that this makes me a nice person, on the grand scale of things... you know, being a white person in a racist country built by immigrants living on stolen land, etc.

I should REALLY let it go. but I can't... so at least I will avoid judging anybody else for overthinking anything this week, okay?