October 12th, 2020


Dog post

Here are some photos of my dog Judy. I think I’ve decided to tell people she’s a medium sized shepherd collie mountain beagle? Never really figured out a great answer for that question but...

  • Sheds tufts of fur even if I brush her and pile up a separate dog next to her in hair
  • Sniffs everything forever
  • Herds, tolerates, and checks up on other small pets
  • Ears operate best in radar mode and can fold back for storage
  • Snores loudly
  • Latches on to houseguests who pet her, and assumes for the duration of their visit that they came over for the purpose of petting her
  • But not into cuddling. Does not try to lean against you or get on your lap. Josie even tried pulling her onto her lap and Judy was just completely confused. If you sit next to her and pet her, she may place an affectionate paw on you.

more picks below the cut...

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