October 10th, 2020


recent ebay finds

still buying used clothes off ebay. still thrilled with it! probably even more now with all the craziness going on in the world. companies can't seem to figure out their supply chains. I'll see an ad on facebook from, say, Old Navy... and it's filled with angry comments from people saying "your stuff is out of stock!" or "you only have XXS!" or "my order STILL hasn't shipped and it's been six weeks ahhhh hate!!"

it is weird that companies advertise stuff they don't have. that's a pretty bad disconnect between marketing and operations, right?

but ebay has no such disconnect. it's like I go there and say hey world, show me what you GOT! in my weird size. and then I can be dressed.

josie's shoe size is up to 9 now (good lord) so I bought her some really great looking nike running shoes for $25. that made me realize me own running shoes are not as supportive as they used to be, they have some real miles on them, so I bought myself some asics. I bought 11s this time. I am between 10.5 and 11. Well okay... I sometimes think my left foot is 11, right foot is 10.5. For most shoes I don't care but I wasn't sure on running shoes if I wanted a nice "my feet are hugged" feeling, or "I've got plenty of toe room" feeling. I will report back after I get some miles on the size 11s.

I have a new gap wool sweater with colorful stripes that I've worn once a week since I got it.

ethos leggings that I bought as part of my search for the perfect leggings. qualifications are 1) size tall 2) side pocket for my phone 3) light colored, so I can run in the dark and not get hit by a car. well... or a car will at least see me as I'm being run over. Anyway I'd never heard of this brand before and they could be thicker but they meeting the 3 qualifications and I'm happy!

a kate spade wallet with birds on it

and the silliest thing... I found some lululemon leggings in my size for only $25. when I got them in, I didn't think they were high rise enough. so I posted them on facebook marketplace and sold them for $35. not something I'd make a habit of, but hey... gets around the idea that there's no returns, right?