October 8th, 2020


the algorithm I'd like to see

facebook, twitter, livejournal, you name it... we live in a world where we follow people, and then one page smushes all their posts together for us to see. there are two ways to do it:

1) just show everything. if I have a friend who posts 20 times a day, and another friend who posted once last week, I'll only see the friend who posts 20 times a day.

2) be smart and show me things I "might" like. if I ignore that over-posting friend I will never see him.

this leads to those awkward parties where you ask someone how they're doing and they say, "well everyone knows i'm moving to the Ukraine, right?" uh... no.

I need to see EVERYBODY without getting flooded, that's the algorithm I'd like. this would work great on livejournal! just show me each persons 1) latest post or 2) most popular recent post... but each individual person gets on that screen, then sort chronologically, right?

facebook definitely hides too many friends from me. it's really terrible. and I've abandoned twitter entirely.