October 7th, 2020


investment watch

First... every time I talk about where I'm saving money for my own overprivileged family, I try to talk about a charity where I am investing in other people. So I want to start this post with saying I am happy that I added International Rescue Committee (rescue.org) to my monthly list. Some of you know I work for a company that offers me 1:1 matching on my charity donations, if the charity claims the grants, and IRC claims those $ lightning fast! I don't have to bug them or explain anything, just put their email in whatever bureaucratic system we have set up and KACHOW they do it. This, to me, is an indicator that a charity Has Their Shit Together. So yeah... I know most people evaluate charities based on program expenditures, administrative costs, causes that the world needs, etc etc... I am the strange engineer who wants them to help me make the most of my employee benefits. But is that such a bad criteria? I think not.

Now on to boring mutual funds... here's where I squirrelled away ROTH IRA dollars this year, this is a two year chart and I'll name them off from the top down.

QQQ: This is an index of tech stocks. 46% increase, but it's so volatile and there are so many articles about how it's a bubble, we're basically gambling.

WOMN: An impact shares fund of companies with gender diversity among their leadership. It's a little heavy on Amazon that's why it's probably doing so well, or you could just argue that having women on your board helps you outperform the rest of the market? Because they are!

FCNTX: Fidelity contrafund. I saw it advertised on a sidebar on a news website, and thought what the heck. I don't actually know how anything works. But it's doing okay.

FZROX: "a float-adjusted market capitalization-weighted index designed to reflect the performance of the U.S. equity market, including large-, mid- and small-capitalization stocks." I have no idea what this means but I saw a bunch of reddit commenters saying thank you fidelity for this fund so I went with it.

FTBFX: A boring bond fund. Everybody tells me that some of your investments must be in boring bond funds that don't do anything. It is beating my 2% credit union CDs, but not by much, and that's okay. I kinda think that since most of my savings is in credit union CDs, this Roth IRA can be just for fun

VYM: High-dividend ETF. It seems to lose and/or not make money, but every quarter it throws me about 1% to be nice, cash that I can re-invest someplace else. I read that it's good to get into dividends now because they're under attack so prices are low, but they'll come back. Maybe?

That concludes the funds I've picked, every paycheck I put a little into the IRA and when there's a noticeable enough amount I spread it around so these are even. Who knows if I'm doing this right! If I'm wrong, I'll just keep working until I die, but I like my job so I don't see an issue there either.