October 2nd, 2020


friday 5: dream box

thefridayfive is actually using my suggested questions this week and I feel like it's cheating to answer those because I knew about them in advance, but they also posted questions LAST week kinda late so I didn't answer them but they're good, so that's what I'm going with!

1. Why do you think we dream?
They say our brain has to work out things it's concerned about. Like practicing a sport. So if there's something weighing on you, it will pop up in your dreams so your brain can play out some scenarios and figure out what to do in real life.

2. Do you tend to remember your dreams or forget them as soon as you wake up?
Rarely. If it's a nice dream I will try to remember it. If it's a bad dream, I've heard that you should never write it down or talk about it. If you talk about it, it'll stick with you. If you ignore it, it'll fade away.

3. Do you keep a dream journal and has it been productive in any way?
No. I guess if I had a really interesting dream I'd write it down here. But dreams tend to be very uninteresting to other people.

4. Have you ever had a premonition dream?
No. In fact I've failed outright... both times I was pregnant I had dreams that I had a baby boy. Both times I had baby girls.

I have recurring dreams about work where I am not needed, where I am left out and don't know enough to contribute. But somehow I keep getting sucked into every role and can't help but work twelve hours a day.

5. Do your dreams tend to be happy or more in lines with being a nightmare?
I don't have nightmares often, but I do have stressful dreams. Dreams where I have extra kids or pets that I've just forgotten about, dreams where I signed up for a college class but forgot to go.

I have a lot of house dreams. Where my house has an extra undiscovered room or basement, tons of extra space, or a theater or greenhouse or something. Then I wake up and my house has the same rooms it's always had, and that makes me sad that the extra rooms aren't real.