September 23rd, 2020


educational subreddits

My six favorite subreddits for learning things. I have another list for technical/engineering topics, these places are cool because they're everywhere.

ExplainLikeImFive simple questions, simpler explanations - sometimes. I think we mostly learn that you can't explain everything to a five year old.

SavedYouAClick Quippy answers to clickbait headlines. They take an article title like "Here's where Dr. Fauci says you're most likely to contract COVID-19" and add the word "crowds".

CoolGuides Infographics, illustrations, instructions that inform us on interesting topic

WhatIsThisThing Redditors post photos of things they found, and hopefully someone knows what it is. Before asking your question, you are supposed to read through the list of Frequently Asked Things, because apparently they got tired of telling everyone about the special knives to cut off corn on the cob, screen spline tools, sash weights, glove clips, and glass telephone pole insulators.

MovieDetails Little interesting things in movies. The statue of liberty in "An American Tale" is still copper colored, because it had just been made when the movie was set and hadn't turned green yet. In Men in Black III, Frank the Pug appears on a circus poster in the background as an amazing talking dog.

TheyDidTheMath Impressive real-world math applications.