September 20th, 2020



Kansas did its thing when it can't just have its transitional season. Usually we will have some incredibly beautiful September days, and maybe that can happen, but not in early september. It was in the 90s, and then we were warned about a cold front, and it was rainy with a high of 50. We brought out the fall clothes, wondered wtf happened, asked if we should turn furnaces on... but not my family of course! we stuck it out!

we let the house get cold, then the next week would be 80 and warm it back up again.

I know I talk about how I hate air conditioning... cold week was actually a reminder of that. While I didn't like being cold, I could accept it. I'd thrown on sweats and get under a blanket and have my laptop on me and feel warmer. For some reason, I can't cozy up in air conditioning when I'm cold. I just wish it would stop constantly blowing. I'm more okay with cold weather than I am cold AC.

Finally, I am sad to say that my exercise motivation was ZAPPED by the temperature change. When it's 90 degrees I'm like okay, gotta get up early to run when it's only 70, don't want to be too hot, let's do this! But a cool and let's face it rainy week in the 50s? I gave up. I did not want to run at all. I wanted to stay in bed, eat a soup with a lot of crackers, read books and stop weighing myself. need some winter weight, right? whatever, I'm listening to my body.