September 19th, 2020


fabric designs

I've sold fabric designs on spoonflower for several years now - my shop is at It don't remember if Etsy or Cafepress got me into it... probably both.

This year has been AWESOME for spoonflower. And thank goodness, I needed it, between my furloughs and marc not DJing, I am eternally grateful that fabric sales came up to fill the gap, I'm making 10-20 times the commissions I did before. I will have to pay taxes on it eventually and that will be tough, but I'll deal.

I got curious what people were using fabric for so I messaged some of the folks who'd bought at least a yard of my Feminist Button design, that's been out there since 2013 but this year it's a bestseller.

Their answer? Masks! For real, I guess we cannot estimate the sheer number of facemasks that have been sewn in homes this year, it's infinite! I received one response back from a gentleman who said his feminist button facemask is his favorite to wear out while "counter-protesting trumptards". my heart grew three sizes.

Just in the last three months, nearly 70 yards of feminist button fabric has been printed and sent out to various corners of the world. I feel better now, don't you?