September 1st, 2020


favorite animal subreddits

I think I'm going to do some lj posts about subreddits that bring me joy. I realize I was anti-reddit at one point in my life, but I've come around, I like the organization and voting structure of most parts of it. As long as you stick to the positive, it's great!

Anyway I follow like 200 subreddits but for the sake of livejournal, I'll split them up and throw out a few a week.

First up: what's more positive than animals? Yes. Here are my top 6 non-obvious animal subreddits on my list. I would love to entertain additional suggestions in the comments!

Dogue Majestic, stoic, beautiful dogs posing like they're on a magazine photo covers.

WhatsWrongWithYourDog The complete opposite. Dogs being dogs, in all their glorious weirdness.

RealBeesFakeTopHats Bees photoshopped to look like they're wearing top hats. Each post must have a real bee, and it must be wearing a fake top hat. They are very dapper!

TinyAnimalsOnFingers Frequently bugs but not always. Sometimes it's turtles or lizards or, on a great day, a tiny monkey. They are all small enough to just be on someone's finger and look really cute.

Spiderbro Spiders doing good work for the world, being celebrated as roommates or outdoor bug eaters. A community of spider love!

HappyCows Cows living their best lives! I still kinda want to eat them, sorry.