August 21st, 2020


friday 5: back one decade

from and the actual post has some wikipedia links to help jog one's memory, which helps! especially since I had a baby in 2010 and was probably blindsided :)

What are some albums you really like from 2010?
Yeah I have no idea. Apparently Kesha went big that year. I didn't have the album, and she later revealed that her early career was associated with unspeakable tramas that I cannot ignore in hearing her early party albums.

What are some songs you remember fondly from 2010?
Besides Kesha, I remember learning about vuvuzela horns during the world cup. They were loud and consuming and brought tears to my eyes seeing a crowd swell together with energy. Of course, I'd had a baby, so I was crying a LOT.

What’s your favorite movie released in 2010?
Nothing overwhelmingly memorable but wasn't The King's Speech wonderful? I'm surprised that The Social Network won so many awards, but it was good too. The fact that it's ten years old now really says a lot about the staying power of facebook.

Which television programs* debuting in 2010 did you rather enjoy?
I don't remember anything I watched. I remember feeling like I got to the end of Netflix when I was on maternity leave, but it totally runs together. What was I watching? It's really gone now. I don't recognize any popular shows listed for the year.

Which events in 2010 bring back good memories?
I know I said a lot of bad things about that baby, she deprived us of sleep and had extreme anger management issues. But she's grown into a unique and outstanding kid. 10 is a great age. Even with all the craziness of that year, I remember wonderful things, watching her grow strong and sturdy and cute. The strange new wonderfulness of a baby. That was 2010.