August 5th, 2020


living elsewhere

today's birthday question from fauxklore:

How many different places have you lived in? Is there somewhere (real or fictional) that you’d like to experience living?

I was born in the Kansas City area, my parents lived in Kansas but the hospital was on the Missouri side. So it's weird, calling myself a devout Kansan, but both my sister and I were born in Missouri. Kansas City likes to say it's just too much city for one state.

We moved to St. Louis when I was five months old for Dad's job. Lived there until I was 12. Lesson learned: try to live in a city with a grid system for its roadways. St. Louis is completely senseless. Well - they'd say they're a wagon wheel. But really, they're a mess.

Moved back to the KC area where I went to middle school and high school. We were way out in new construction suburbs, where the houses all look the same. It was very safe.

Went to college at Pittsburg State, in Pittsburg Kansas. It's about 90 minutes south of KC. It's a college town - population 18,000, college attendance is 10,000. I learned about electronics engineering technology, obviously, but also lessons in a local economy. In a town flooded with college labor, every job was minimum wage. Families struggled, but couldn't afford to move out. They'd swarm the dormitories to see what we were throwing in dumpsters, always.

After school I moved to Wichita to work on airplanes and that's where I've been ever since.

Sometimes I fantasize about moving to New Zealand, but doesn't everybody? No coronavirus. Lord of the Rings. They're on their THIRD female prime minister.

We can't have those nice things here but there's an old saying, "bloom where you are planted". Try to make your own neighborhood better. I like Kansas. It's not perfect, but it could be worse, I have a lucky, healthy life. So I'll probably just stay here.

Someday in retirement I could see myself moving someplace like Rolla, Mo because it has so many nice caves, rivers and streams. That's my favorite place to go in vacation, just rent a canoe and enjoy the clear water. Marc would want to live in Atlanta again in a heartbeat but I can't take the traffic or urban sprawl.

I think we will move back to downtown wichita someday. While I like my house and porch and trees, we really loved our loft where we could walk to everything and get invited to meet friends at all kinds of places. The communities were close knit and there was always music. I've always loved tall buildings. So maybe that's our goal... same place, same state. Just a room with a view.