August 2nd, 2020


silent book club / american girls

so many books. my favorite thing these days is sitting on my back porch with a drink of coffee in the morning, wine after work, and just churning through all the reads.

Friend of mine started a "silent book club" last year, the idea is you bring what you're reading, we have a snack and all read together quietly for 45-60 minutes. Marc said this was the absolute worst idea ever, he view silent book club the same way I view those polar bear club divers who jump into icewater for charity.

Honestly though the best thing about it is just the introductory chat session, hearing from 5-7 other women what they're reading. After we took March off for obvious pandemic reasons, we started again on zoom and it's GREAT! We don't silently read anymore on zoom, just go around and talk about what we're reading, and I get so many great recommendations!

This month the topic of podcasts came up and a lady told me she was listening to an American Girl Podcast where two best of friends female historians go book by book on every American Girl book. I was OBSESSED with these as a kid so of course I said I'd check it out... and it. is. amazing. They're critical, they're chatty, they're well spoken (as a Toastmaster I can't listen to podcasts where the hosts say "um" too much). They compare themselves to every character, compare every storyline to a modern pop culture references, compare the American Revolution to the Fyre Festival (can we ever feel that sorry for the overprivileged?)

So after two episodes I ordered every Felicity book out of the library so I can re-read them all and go through this whole podcast starting with last year's episode 1, which I've never done before, and it's making my life very relaxed and funny.

I can't seem to get my kids into these books and I don't remember why I was so into them, but I was. Beautiful things, history, adventures, I just loved these books. Then the company would send us catalogs, I don't know how they even got our names, some kind of american girl satellites or something. I never ordered a single thing or even asked, I was about too old and already aware that they were too expensive to be justified. But the catalogs were pretty.

Today apparently the obsession can go on, with grown ass instragrammers decking their dolls out in all finery and taking them on historical trips? who understands instagrammers. but hey, I won't nerd shame. embrace your dorkdom!

I'll just get SUPER into this podcast and re-read every book. They're for kids so I can get through each one in under and hour. this is not all I'm reading of course but I've said enough for a whole lj entry so I'll talk about more books later.