July 31st, 2020


Friday 5: State Changes

from f.riday5.com

What recently caused you to boil?
The president threatening to delay the election due to... oh let's face it his approval rating. Now he's subverting the democracy.

What often causes you to freeze?
Getting home from work when Marc has been setting the AC to whatever he'd like during the day. Yesterday it was at 74! We might as well be hosting penguins! I secretly kicked it to 78... then 76, because he's slightly less likely to notice.

When did something evaporate into thin air?
Mom got me a nice white short sleeve sweater for Christmas. I thought I put it in my summer clothes. I have since unpacked summer clothes, and can't find that sweater anywhere! I look every couple weeks... do a lap, look in likely places. Where is it? I want to wear it to work.

What recently caused you to melt?
We did some pet-sitting for our neighbors guinea pigs. I forgot how SOFT AND WONDERFUL they are! Here:

Among United States you haven’t visited, which would you most like to check out next?
Well this isn't exactly a travel year. But I'd like to go to Massachusetts someday. Or maybe Washington State, since I've hardly ever been to the Pacific Northwest, and it's lovely.