May 29th, 2020


friday 5

I like last week's questions from thefridayfive so I'll answer those.

Josie, age darn near 10, is hanging out with me so I'll include some of her answers too.

1. What is your favorite thing to drink on a hot day?

Spacefem: Rum & lemonade with a sprig of mint from the yard.

Josie: Raspberry lemonade

2. What superstitions do you have?

I try not to have ANY!

I told Josie that superstitions were "things that bring you bad luck" and she asked about her little sister?

3. What is your favorite pen to write with and why?

Sf: Blue Uniball Signo 207.

Josie: watercolor paintbrush pens, for artistic purposes

4. What books have you read or been reading during the Pandemic?

SF: I'm currently listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama, I have some books up next too... Gone Girl and Game of Thrones

Josie: The Westing Game

5. MTV has decided to resurrect playing music videos and they've decided to give you a two-hour space to program your favorite music on air. What do you air?

SF: Early 90s grunge jam! Liz Phair, The Smashing Pumpkins, then merging into some of the 2000s... Ben Folds, Sleater-Kinney, Regina Spektor

Josie has no idea what MTV is and is not interested at all in having her own show. She is not interested in being famous or on TV.