May 22nd, 2020


friday 5: grace

from today's questions are about people being nice to you, but that's a little tough when you only see the same three people for weeks at a time. I don't even go to stores. egads, how long has it been since I saw The Public? I don't remember.

When most recently did someone show you unexpected courtesy?
it's nice that josie goes on evening walks with me. I really enjoy it, and think it's good for her to get out of the house. she might be doing it for me because she doesn't like to go outside enough these days otherwise.

What were you most recently forgiven for?
probably some social faux pas at the office. I'm always being too blunt.

What did someone most recently buy for you?
this makes me miss the makerspace. people give little presents a lot. things we make each other, or just have around, or see at the counter at harbor freight and think of someone. I have a laser pointer, a radio headset, a coffee dripper, all little things that friends from the space either bought for me or had around and gave me.

What did someone most recently make for you?
one of the ceramics guys gave me several mugs for the random auction baskets we're always putting together, I still have some around.

Who could you probably be a bit nicer to?
I suppose I could join in marc's calls to his parents. just not a lot to talk about with them.