May 20th, 2020



I am 40 years old :) We are throwing a huge party with tons of friends over, it's all set up!

In 2010 I turned 30. I was VERY pregnant. Two weeks later I would be a mother. We didn't do much partying for my 30th and I didn't care. Instead, Marc surprised me with a 30th birthday party exactly one year later. I was technically turning 31, but the cake said HAPPY 30th and everybody happily went along with it. I wasn't pregnant so I could drink margaritas and stay up until, gosh probably 8pm. It was a very happy memory.

So with that precedent, it makes sense that my fabulous 40th birthday party should be postponed as well. Party-wise, we're behind schedule. These details are in the facebook event that I set up for my 40th birthday party, to be held in May 2021.

Here on livejournal, you all can still wish me a happy birthday today.

I would love if you'd give me a gift. The gift I am requesting is a question. Anything that can inspire a future entry. About engineering, airplanes, parenting, the dog, the ferrets, Kansas, or some random thing that has nothing to do with me if you want. I won't judge if you accidentally ask about something I already wrote about, it's not a quiz. If you just ran across this entry a week late, that's okay, post a reply, I'll love it. I've had lots of happy birthdays on livejournal and am just glad to still be here.