May 19th, 2020


my man hate

friends it happened... I had a comment removed from facebook! I violated their community standards on hate speech... get ready for this friends because I am dying

The original friends post was about how she sees women wearing masks in public, but not men.

My comment:

I just think men are dirty germ spreaders. Even before this. They don't wash their hands. They don't use tissues. I really think this whole thing was started by some guy whose wife told him NOT to eat the undercooked bat soup and he was like "RELAX IT SMELLS FINE"

AWE CRAP. Despite my evidence even from men themselves about their own sex's lack of hand washing, I am not allowed to call them dirty! I'm trying to figure out if facebook removes comments just for fun, or only when they're reported, because I have no idea who would have reported this post. The single mom whose post this was on thought it was hysterical... who knows. But I can post it here on livejournal so you can all see my true feelings and ask how many man tears I add to my coffee every day, right?