May 15th, 2020


friday five: sand


When did you last feel sand between your toes?
Depends on your definition. We went to a beach last summer. It was definitely sandy, and incredible, but very far away. We went camping a few weeks ago and I took my shoes off by the lake but the shore was more dirt/gravel eh, some sand. but not "oh this feeling between my toes!". It's a Kansas lake, it goes from rocks to slimy mud.

When did you last have a sandwich?
Lunch today. Marc breaded some chicken breasts a couple days ago and I've been putting them on sandwiches. I am much better at leftovers than he his, I'll eat on whatever's in the fridge for a long time. He's always making something, I'm always reheating. I guess you could say we get along that way.

What kinds of sandals do you own?
Just bought myself these teva's:

I have some velcro ones too, that strap across your whole foot.

I should never buy $5 plastic flip flops again. They blow out. Must resist.

How trustworthy has the Sandman been these days?
Great. I excel at falling asleep.

What do you know about San Diego?
Never been there. I've been to LA, and San Francisco... just touristy short trips though, no stays IN the city to really figure it out. We Kansans have a lot of stereotypes about californians. Well, and floridians too. Really anyone on the coasts. We all go to a beach and think that's nice to visit, but who'd wouldn't want to live here, look at the prices! and they all snub back "well you get what you PAY for!" I'm not inventing this, a former californian-turned coworker actually said this to me when I asked if he was happy about the reduced cost of living since his move. Oh well. We eye-roll and wander off to watch our lovely sunset over a suitable lake.