May 11th, 2020


Hollywood altitude opportunities

Marc had Godzilla on the other day, the Matthew Broderick version. Marc watches the worst movies, you guys.

I had to stop watching this one because Godzilla was tearing up NYC and the military was trying to fly helicopters around shooting at him with what seemed like pretty small guns, and Godzilla kept smacking them into buildings and dodging them while they navigated the city streets, zooming in between sky scrapers.

I don't care if it's an airplane or a helicopter... it is totally silly to show any aircraft zooming in between sky scrapers. I'm calling Hollywood BS on the whole idea.

It's not the first time it's been shown. 2012 had a "new" pilot escape from a los angeles earthquake, dodging falling buildings left and right, and they leave the city without ever thinking to put a few thousand feet between them and the ground.

You know what airplanes and helicopters are really good at? Climbing. You know what would be an easy place to shoot at Godzilla from? The sky above him. You know what a newbie pilot learns to do within his or her first 30 minutes of flight training? ascent. I could teach a toddler to do it. Pull back on the stick, houses get smaller. Push in on the stick, houses get bigger.

And YET disaster movies continue to show aviators tackling their obstacles head-on, in obvious danger of collision.

sky for rent

Well, I guess I have bad news for movie goers: fiction is fiction. But good news for everyone else out there: Airplanes are pretty good at flying UP into the sky, and lots of people can figure out how to make that happen.