May 5th, 2020


facebook marketplace

about every day, I facebook marketplace something. I didn't used to think it was worth it, but now I'm so darn bored it's something else entertaining to do. I even sold something for $5 yesterday. I would never in my life drive to somebody's house to buy an item that's only $5, what a pain. But it worked.

People are weird and I'm figuring out how my cadence. By default, facebook tells them it's a great idea to send a message that says "is this still available?". It drives me crazy, because of course it's available! Why would I still have it posted if it wasn't available?

So I respond with: "Yes! When would you like to pick it up? I leave near (major intersection)."

And that's when it gets weird, people are totally caught off guard by that question. Sometimes they don't respond at all. Other times they say they're going to be busy for the next week. So I'm like okay, check in with me closer to when you'd want to pick up, if it's still available we'll set something up.

Why would they ask if something is available when they can't come get it?

Anyway, I'll frequently get 5-7 people messaging me, and one person follows through and actually gets the thing.

They leave cash under our doormat. So far every person has paid the agreed-upon price. We take the money in, put it out of the way, and wash our hands very well. Then I post up something else.