May 4th, 2020


what it was like before

going through our camping stuff in the basement, we found a little travel pack of anti-bacterial alcohol wipes. remember that scene in "somewhere in time" where he sees the penny from his previous life and vanishes from the island? the pack was something I got for free in some conference swag bag, with a corporate logo considered more important than what was inside. I threw it in a storage bin and forgot about it. It was a time when getting germs on you was a mere inconvenience.

flu season drove different habits in different people. I never thought much about it. Our pediatrician wanted Olive to stay on her asthma treatments "through the flu season", a concept that hadn't crossed my mind. A fellow engineer did not want to ride on our school bus full of girl scouts to go between plants at our February factory tour, because flu season. I hardly ever used hand sanitizer but was thankful for it when I visited a middle school... of course, by then, there was a little bit of coronavirus news, so the idea of getting sick with something bigger had started to cross our minds.

now there are no schools to visit and we are in "bleach everything - kill everything" mode, things with rubbing alcohol are gold because you can't find that stuff in stores.