May 1st, 2020


friday five: one movie, many questions

from with the introduction, questions taken verbatim from a certain favorite movie.

So — so on Monday, what happens?
I go to work. Mondays are good days, I come in feeling quite refreshed and have the whole week to deal with any craziness that comes up.

What was that ruckus?
Any ruckus in my house is typically caused by ferrets, who need to get out of the damn trash.

What do you know about trigonometry?
It is the best math. Beautiful. Poetic. I sometimes wonder what I'd be like in the cult of the pythagoreans. If used math more often, I'd get a SOHCAHTOA tattoo.

Vodka? When do you drink vodka?
On the weekend, with some lemonade, and a mint sprig. I have so much mint, by the way, I am open to all the ideas to use it up.

How’d you like to go fishing this weekend?
I'd like that, but we are not equipped for fishing and have only done it a few times with friends and borrowed equipment. Last summer we went to a fishing pond with the family of josie's school friend, we camped in tents and the girls fished off the dock, releasing what they caught. they were delighted! but I can't invest in every activity and now there are no social things so we will not be fishing.

Incidently - rewatch The Breakfast Club someday, as an adult. It is barely tolerable, all you can think is that these kids have most everything provided for them and yet their lives are SO HARD. Also the point of the movie is that they realize they're not that different, but from the adult perspective... they were never that different! They just THOUGHT they were because all teenagers think they are the most unique teenager in the world and no one has their problems. But they're the same problems, because they're teenager problems! Well, except for The Criminal who lives in a very abusive household. But the point of the movie isn't that the kids hear out that guy, the point is that he hears them. Anyway when I was in high school I remember thinking it was such a deep film... not anymore.