April 29th, 2020


stockpiling food

the idea of stockpiling food is interesting to me but I have some huge questions.

I did some thinking about HOW we could do it this week. I don't have a kitchen pantry. My 100 year old house has... get this... two eye-level cabinets in the kitchen. The dining room has a built-in hutch for dishes and there are three cabinets under the counter that we use to store pots, pans, the rice cooker, etc. So for our two overhead cabinets, one is for cups/glasses, and one is for food.

The problem is even with our one cabinet of food, we STILL manage to forget about stuff and let it expire! So that's problem number one.

I was always okay with not having a huge kitchen pantry because I kind of hate them. I have a theory that people fill them with crap they shouldn't really be eating. chips and snacks and garbage. or, and I have experienced this with roommates, stuff they forget about. and it expires. and they throw it out. that is very bad and wasteful and I hate it.

Thinking of foods we actually eat: black beans, canned tomatoes, ketchup, peanut butter, popcorn, canned tuna, canned salmon, rice, pasta, crackers, pasta sauce, nuts, granola bars. We'll still have to watch it though. Even the crackers we buy, I noticed, have about a six month shelf life. We will have to stay on top of it.

Then there's the question of WHY we should stockpile food. Right now there's a global pandemic and we're still all allowed to go to the store once a week. I've said before that if we get to a true zombie apocalypse, I do not need to be one of the last people to go. I'm cool being, like, number 30 out of 100 to turn into a zombie. If I'm out of food and starving, a LOT of people are going to be out of food and starving, and then a LOT of us need to think up a plan B for a problem that might not be solved in 30 days!

Already, there's a global pandemic and people dying and my crazy conservative midwest acquaintances are hoarding ammunition just sure that liberal rioters are coming to seize their hardtack... but it's not happening. The vast, vast majority of us are being cool. Living our lives, sharing what we have, coming together, putting teddy bears up in the windows for kids to see when they're walking by. The radicals do not have these skills or concepts, I think that's really why they're protesting, they're just confused about what to do. They were so darn excited to take people out like in Mad Max.

So that's my debate. What's responsible? What's safe? What will not create waste?

I cleared off a shelf in a storage closet. Maybe we will increase our supplies slowly, and by volume, not days it could feed us. If we can handle one more shelf, maybe we can be organized enough someday for two.