April 21st, 2020


20 quarantine questions

borrowed from easter

1. Are you an Essential Worker?
Yes. Aerospace. Here's what's weird though - "essential" is a black and white term, you either are or you aren't, but I feel like it should be a spectrum. Healthcare worker? VERY ESSENTIAL! The healing crystal store I biked past last week? Apparently essential, because they were open, but... really? I am somewhere in between.

And then there are non-essential things that I think are close to the line of being essential. My dentist office cancelled cleanings, my vet won't update my ferret's rabies vaccine. Aren't those things a little bit essential? These are things where sure, we can skip a month or two. But this disease is not going to go away in a month.

2. How many drinks have you had since the quarantine started?
We keep a box of wine, I've had a glass or two, but not much.

3. If you have kids... Are they driving you nuts?
At age 6 and 9, soon to be 7 and 10, they are not driving us nuts. I am so glad to not have toddlers. The kids do their thing. Marc and I can even take a long bike ride or walk together without them. He can go to the store without them. They play games, work on the schoolwork when told.

4. What new hobby have you taken up during this?
Hydroponic gardening! Did you know when you buy a romaine lettuce, you can put the end of it in a glass of water instead of tossing it out, and it will grow a new romaine lettuce? Who knew! Same with green onions and celery!

5. How many grocery runs have you done?
Personally none. Marc is the store guy, always has been. I am extremely proud of him though! He used to go to the store at least every day if not 2-3 times a day, the man loves to cook just isn't a planner. But now... the store is a scary place, with nobody being very good at social distancing and poor grocery workers at high risk of getting sick. So he is down to 1-2 times a week. Other people are better than us and going even less, but this is huge for marc. Thursday night, he told me what he'd planned for dinner for the next four days. This from a guy who I swear never used to think more than an hour ahead in life. It took a pandemic, but it's amazing!

6. What are you spending your stimulus check on?
Boosting up the emergency savings account, making extra charity donations, and let's face it, some workout clothes.

7. Do you have any special occasions that you will miss during this quarantine?
Oh gosh yes. I could write a whole list. But I'm kind of over it. When our kids engineering expo and makerfaire were cancelled I was devastated and felt like the world was coming down, but now there are more important things to worry about. I've been through the seven stages.

Last night we talked about how much we all wished to go to our favorite hibachi restaurant, sit at a table with eight other strangers while a knife-wielding chef set huge fires and made onions into volcanoes for our entertainment. Those kinds of random ideas come up all the time in conversations, and we put them on a mental list and push them back out of our minds.

8. Are you keeping your housework done?
I am now cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming once a week - I joked to my sister that my pandemic level of cleaning has reached my mother's normal level of cleaning. The toy clutter is everywhere right now. Certain places of the house have experienced a deep-cleaning they haven't seen in decades, because we have nothing else to do.

9. What movie have you watched during this quarantine?
Last night I watched Isn't It Romantic. It wasn't good. I haven't seen a good movie this year. The kids are watching Frozen II enough.

10. What are you streaming with?
Way too many things, like always. Netflix, hulu, prime, spotify. We cancelled CBS all access when Picard ended though.

11. 9 months from now is there any chance of you having a baby?
No. Thank you IUD.

12. What's your go-to quarantine meal?
Apples and peanuts. Hummus if we had it... marc found a 4-pack of chickpeas and josie and I made a big batch of it. but now it's gone and it's hard to find beans some weeks.

13. What month do you predict this all ends?
I predict that this by September I will be able to get a haircut, and by next year May 2021 my kid will be able to have a birthday party at our house. But big events and conferences and traveling again like normal? June 2022.

14. Have you run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer?
Toilet paper no, marc bought a pack at costco a week or two before everybody went stupid about it, and now it's back in stores. The fact that it's back now actually has me worried. It means people are realizing what's stupid to worry about, and what the real problems are.

Hand sanitizer - we've never been big users of it. I prefer to wash my hands with soap and water. We have some pocket bacs we got at bath and body works for christmas we could use in a crisis. I have one in the little saddle bag of my bike. This crisis made us actually find them and set them in a designated place rather than just letting the kids use them for perfume like we would have done.

15. Do you have enough food to last a month?
No. We don't have a big freezer and there aren't enough non-perishables in the stores to stock up on if we wanted to. And they say that mega-panic buying is bad anyway. Let's just all get what we need a week or two at a time, then there's enough for everybody.

16. What did you do to prepare for the quarantine?
Figured out a routine to do at home when there's nothing to do. Wake up, change clothes, read, blog, work out. Organize the house. Play board games with the family. Sew some masks.

17. What didn't you do for the quarantine?
The only thing I wish we had now is a good stock of medical supplies. Cold medicine, a thermometer that works reliably, alcohol for sanitizing... just in case we get COVID-19.

18. Are you preparing for a second wave to hit?
Mentally, sure? But again - not stockpiling food. I guess if we have a summer lull where suddenly the stores are full of beans again, we will do that.

19. What are you most upset about?
Protests over economic impacts, people who think we're all totally overreacting.

20. What are you most grateful for?
Our health. Besides Olive's mild asthma and marc's sleep apnea, we are a healthy family. If we get this I bet we will survive. Josie and I for sure, Marc and Olive we'd have to watch closely, but we are not in the scary age ranges. All our parents are more at risk, but they're all doing a VERY good job of isolating. We're not grocery store or healthcare workers, I'm gainfully employed for now. There's a lot to be thankful for.