April 8th, 2020


my temperature

at physical therapy last week they had to take my temperature before I was admitted to the building. I thought that was awesome, because I do not trust my home thermometer! We bought a forehead-scanner-model when Josie was born because that is a Thing You Need when you have a baby. I've always thought it sucked. It's weird and inconsistent and doesn't make sense. But when this crisis started I decided to try and find it. I changed its batteries and tried rubbing it my forehead to get my temperature, because I've heard you should take your temperature on a somewhat regular basis to know what's normal. The control, right?

Anyway it said my temp was 96 something, which puts me somewhere in the alive range but possibly the undead, right? aren't we supposed to be 98.6?

The doctors office thermometer said I was 97.7 - still a little cold! Which is not surprising. But closer to the acceptable range.

We were lazy parents when our kids got sick. Concerned, but not looking to measure anything, because I just didn't believe our thermometer. This'll sound crazy but the much more obvious measure was just to observe the kid. There was no question there. A normal 3yo is a bouncy crazy lap-running terror, bent on destroying themselves and your house at all times. A silent 3yo laying on the couch staring into space asking for back rubs and nothing else? something's wrong with that kid. as a test, you could give her some children's tylenol, and in a half hour she'd be doing laps around the house. then you'd watch the tylenol melt away, the laps would get slower, the kid would drop back to the couch and do nothing.

who needs a thermometer that can't tell a consistent temp if you use it the same way three times in a row, I thought? this is not even intuition... it's barely observation. it's being bothered to notice.

I still don't trust it.