April 1st, 2020


jill sobule

omg, a few weeks ago there was a fridayfive asking what songs make me happy, and my answer was conflicted because I don't always want a song that MAKES me happy. If I'm depressed, the over-perky songs just mock me, the depressing songs just depress me.

for some reason this week I wondered what my old favorite artist jill sobule was doing - and realized that was IT! I should have been listening to jill this whole time! for her wisdom, her acceptance of the craziness that is this world, her resigned shrug-sounding lyrics that tell us to just keep going.

what's more, her 2018 album had a song that predicted this whole isolated dystopian downward spiral... is she psychic? probably!

so that is my advice for today. put on jill. she will not tell you to just snap out of it. she knows nothing is that simple. she knows it's weird and complicated, and might take medications, and some people might disappoint you but some are okay, so find them.